Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Matt Millen

Yesterday when I wrote that post I stated that I thought I was in the minority in thinking Millen was the man most culpable for the demise of the Lions. However as the day continued to wear on and more and more writers began to submit there articles to various websites. I was glad to see that the prevailing sentiment was that Millen had to go. Had to get the ax. I was delighted to see this because it proved once again that every national columnist steals my ideas, polishes them and regurgitates them as their own..............and yes I know I'm completely delusional and nobody ever steals anything from this site (except Jayson Stark!!!!) because if you check my counter, two people visited my blog yesterday and one of them may have been me. However my elation has since been replaced by complete, utter, abject hopelessness. I was wishing that the national attention Millen was getting for his complete incompetence would lead to rumblings of his dismissal or resignation. Wrong. It looks as if Millen is here to stay, for at least another year, another first round wide receiver drafted,
(I'm already looking forward to doing my Jeff Samardjiazijiazjiaijajz joke, which I had been using on T.J. Houshmanandzedhahdahzzdhah, look at that............seamless, and also why is it that all of these guys with impossible last names have the most simple first names, I mean T.J., Jeff, just go the whole nine yards and name them something like Dikembekintezdjmizadzzijhz.)
another questionable free agent signing period, another overmatched and underwhelming coaching hire, and probably another season of "Is this the year Harrington becomes a star?" questions. I also keep reading people deploring the fans to stay away from the Lions and boycott. See I'm completely against this. These are Detroit fans, the people responsible for the most notorious sporting event riot in U.S. history. I say Lions fans should kick it up a notch and show up in full force for this Sundays game and collectively storm the field and Millens suite, and give Millen and Harrington the old Benito Mussolini, Claretta Petacci treatment.
This photo is kind of graphic but you'll get the idea. I think that may be the only way the Ford's will get the message. This isnt going to work now because Ford Field has priced out all the roughneck rowdy fans from Taylor who wear faded Chris Spielman jersey's and look like Rob Deer, or this guy

Oh well. A man can dream.

Also Dre Bly created quite a stir today by pointing out the obvious. Newsflash Joey Harrington sucks..........wait everyone in Detroit, except for Millen and Drew Sharp knew this three years ago. Well I think its pretty telling that no one jumped to Joey Joe Joe's defense and everyone I know who heard Bly's comments agreed with every single word. Someone had to say it, its probably better that it happened this way and got off everyones chest because I think Earl Holmes and Big Baby were about 2 quarters away from strangling Harrington on the sidelines.

Finally, and then I'm going to bed Chris Kaman is terrifying. He looks like a giant Tom Petty with even thinner, stringier, hair. Think about that. Well don't think, look. Thats right I finally added pictures to this page. Maybe now I can get more hits then the Seymour's family vacation to Yosemite National Park. Pathetic.......

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