Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back To School

I've got some bad news. Yesterday I started my second year of law school. Which means that my posting will become increasingly erratic over the next couple of weeks as I try to make time from the hundreds of thousands of millions of pages of reading that will be assigned early in the semester. I'm sure by the end of September I will have quit trying to keep up with my studies and be posting about the Tigers clinching the Central Division (fingers crossed). To commemorate my return to school I was going to list all of the different people and things that I hate about law school but to do so would would take too long and fill too many libraries with material. Anyways I'm sure I'll hear people say "slippery slope" 1,840,609 times between now and the first week of December, watch on in amazement as people nod their heads in agreement with EVERYTHING the professor says over the course of two hours, and turn my brain off when someone raises their hands, (99% of the time fat, older women) and say "I've got a question that will stir the pot a little and get some discussion started." And then they'll ask about some hot button issue from 15-30 years ago, i.e. prayer in school, gender equality, or the pros and cons of Prohibition. Ugh. No, lady, stop. Put your ham hock down and stop asking questions. Please. The only thing that will allow me to keep a modicum of sanity is I'm taking a Sports and the Law class which seems generally interesting because there are case names like Rose v. Giamatti and Boston Celtics v. Brian Shaw instead of U.S. v. Public Utilities Commission. So hopefully I'll find time to update this site in the next few days andd not get completely bogged down in reading.

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