Friday, July 10, 2009

New Content Coming Soon

To the five people who read this site that aren't my cat or my mom I promise to post some new content ASAP. For those who were wondering about my latest mysterious disappearance I'm sorry to say it's for a rather boring reason. I've previously explained away absences by blaming my meth addiction, taking journeys through Paris with the ghost of Ernest Hemingway or being abducted by a clan of underground ninjas whose secrets I threatened to expose but this time I was away because I passed by the bar exam (Hey 8th times a charm). This has led to me having to work hard at a regular 9-5 job for the first time in my life and the adjustment has been absolutely brutal. Now that my fledgling law practice is starting to get off the ground a little, I feel like I can get back to writing on this blog, which has always been one of my favorite things to do. Even better I can now bill a clueless client for the time I spend writing about some mundane Tigers transaction. It's really win-win for everyone.




Tyler said...

Congrats on the bar exam. For irony's sake, you should still write Part 2 of the season preview as if nothing has happened yet. You could channel the spirit of Bill Plaschke and rip the Edwin Jackson trade.

Anonymous said...

Don't know that Mickey would appreciate his name being attached to this type of sporadic effort.

beefshower said...

@ tyler: thanks. that's a great idea for a post too although I don't think I can channel Plaschke. I'm more of a rambling 5,000 word paragraph writer and not a one sentence paragraph pseudo poetry nonsense writer.


My biggest fear in life is disappointing Mickey Tettleton. That and angering Lincoln's ghost.

Swan said...

Congratulations for showing that us career 1.8 GPA guys can make something of our lives. Missed the updates and glad to see you will be hard at work soon!

Anonymous said...

congrats to that man who is the made the history.

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