Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Series Wrap-Up: K.C. Royals April 3-5

I was trying to think of the best way to cover the Tigers this season, and decided the best choice would be to post after the completion of each series. Posting individually after each game would take too much time and effort, two things which I'm surely lacking. Regardless, we'll see how this goes. My prediction is that just like every other idea I've had on this site, (remember my R.B.I. Baseball neither), I'll keep it up for a couple of weeks regularly, gradually start to miss series/posts, and by July it will be like this never happened.

The Tigers swept a two game mini-series against the Royals, outscoring the Royals 17-5. The first game Kenny Rogers came out and pitched solid. Actually he was better then solid, he was fantastic, and I actually enjoyed watching him pitch. Rogers didnt get many strikeouts and he'll never be confused for a power pitcher, but as I've mentioned before I think it's more fun to watch a guy strikeout because he has no idea what pitch is coming, and he either sits there staring with his bat on his shoulder, or does some kind of gross check swing nonsense. Then Leyland made an excellent managerial decision and threw in Zumaya in a close game to blow guys away, old fashioned style, with pure gas. The on thing that had me mildly concerned is that the Tigers scored their only three runs on solo homeruns and left a ton of guys on base, just like last season, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year.......well you see where this is going. Anyways those fears were put to rest today because the Tigers put up 14 runs today while lighting up the pride of Carmen Ainsworth (take that Jon Runyan), Joe Mays (Correction, Didre has informed me that Joe Mays did not attend Carmen Ainsworth, but rather Southwestern Academy in Flint, MTMO regrets the error and would like to add that he's got nothing on former U of M qb and Tiger Rick Leach). Also it looked as though Jeremy Bonderman is in mid-season form, as well as dirtbag Chris Spurling, who came in and immediately gave up a jack to Emil Brown. Unfortunately I didnt get to see any of this game because it wasnt on TV, and I would have been in class for most of it, so I can't really elaborate.


Didre said...

Though Joe Mays was born in Flint, he attended Southeast High in Bradenton, FL, according to Wikipedia and the Baseball Cube.
As far as I know, the only major leaguer to attend Carman (now Carman-Ainsworth) HS was former Dodger Jeff Hamilton.

beefshower said...
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beefshower said...

I had once heard on a local radio station that Joe Mays had attended Carmen Ainsworth High School, but obviously they were wrong and so was I, (thanks a lot CK 105.5). Thank you for sending in the correction/info I will update my site post haste.

Anonymous said...
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