Saturday, May 13, 2006


Today was my Constitutional Law exam and much to my chagrin there were no questions on my exam pertaining to Megaman 1-4, all of which I beat this week while "studying" for finals. Wayne State drags their final exams on fooooorrrreeeevvvver, nearly three weeks, which has prevented me from doing the thing I love 718th most.....updating this blog. Since I last posted many things have happened in Detroit, The Wings were eliminated from the playoffs (yawn), The Pistons have been steamrolling their way to another Finals appearance, The Tigers are continuing to prove they are for real, and the Lions had an uneventful draft, eschewing the chance to roll the dice and take a chance with another QB in Matt Leinart, and instead going with the safe pick in a concussion addled, undersized linebacker in Ernie Sims......ugh. And in other news Shawn Michaels and his tag team partner God, no not an overmuscled wrestler named God, but the celestial body himself lost a tagteam match to Shawn and Vince McMahon, and everyone who saw it died a little inside. Anyways now that I have a ton of free time on my hands with summer vacation and all, I'll be back to posting on a semi-regular basis.

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