Sunday, November 12, 2006


I know I haven't updated in a long time and I have my reasons. Here they are.

1: I am an extremely lazy individual. I can't stress this enough. Hours/days/weeks slip by without me knowing. Not only am I shiftless, I'm also very inefficient. What people normally do in a matter of minutes, I drag out into hours. For example these first two paragraphs would have taken a normal person about 5 minutes to type. Me, it has taken 2 hours, and not because I'm struggling or having writers block but because I take breaks between every two words to watch the Bears-Giants game, make macaroni and cheese, watch Family Guy, and check my fantasy basketball team.

2: The Tigers post-season drained me. It was thrilling and ultimately, painfully disappointing. I'm still not ready to talk about the World Series. Anyways after updating following the conclusion of every playoff game and providing previews to each round I've exhausted my funny bone. It's wore out, I was recycling recycled jokes, stealing Simpsons references and jokes that I had already stolen for previous posts and such. Plus sports is in a bit of a lull for me now. I've never been a big Wings fan, (except for a short while when I was about 10 and played NHL '93 18 hours a day) the Pistons are off to an uninspired start, the Lions are frustrating, terrible, and not worth watching let alone writing about, and although I'm thrilled about Michigan football I havent wrote about it because of reason #1.

3: Finally I'm beginning to get swamped with law school work, (what you didnt know I was in law school, I only mention it in every other post.) Exams are coming up in less then a month and I have to, HAVE TO, rock the asses off those bluebooks, because I need to find an internship for next summer so I can kill time and blog from a place other then my apartment. Right now this is what my job interview will be like.

Interviewer: "So let me get this straight, you have a mediocre GPA, you are not a member of any organizations or societys, you havent had a haircut in 8 months, you are wearing an ill fitting suit that you've owned since your senior picture in high school, and under accomplishments on your resume you wrote 'writing a blog about the Tigers, and salvaging Charles Rogers career on Madden 2007'. You havent given me one good reason to hire you. You have 30 seconds to defend, not only your presence here, but your existence."

Me: "Well......umm.......I brought my memory card so if you have a ps2 and Madden I could personally show you how impressive my Madden franchise real........"

Interviewer: "Get off our property."

I don't want that to happen, you don't want that to happen, (unless your a jerk), so over the next few weeks my updates on this site will be erratic at best. But keep checking back for updates please, and wish me luck.


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