Monday, July 02, 2007

Tigers Send Five to the All-Star Game!!!

Congratulations to Magglio Ordonez, Placido Polanco, Pudge Rodriguez, Carlos Guillen and Justin Verlander on being selected to the All-Star team. I know all of you guys check my site every day and wait with bated breath in hopes that I will praise you or acknowledge your accomplishments in some way so I figured I wouldn't keep you waiting. Seriously though I'm still not used to the Tigers being successful and it seems like only yesterday that they were sending one, undeserving, representative like Brad Ausmus, Robert Fick or Justin Thompson because of the rule that every team had to be accounted for at the game. Now I get to be the asshole/obnoxious fan of a good team who complains about the fact that Gil Meche got a spot on the team over Jeremy Bonderman or Gary Sheffield, just because MLB feels its necessary to get the 20 Royals fans in existence excited for the All-Star festivities. (I'm kidding, I sympathize with Royals and Pirates fans and believe the system in place is good for the overall health of the game.)

I know this is a short post and I've been infrequent with my updates (your probably saying, "What else is new?" or "I didn't know you were ever frequent with your posting", which I would reply to by putting my arm around a total stranger, pointing at you and saying really sarcastically "Hahaha, this guys hilarious, how late did you stay up thinking of that joke? Your a regular Red Skelton.....jerk".)but I'm balls deep in work for my summer classes and have my exam coming up shortly. However, I do have a lot of ideas for posts and am slowly piecing together my three act play regarding Matt Millen's reign as GM of the Lions that will either be the most brilliant post in sports-blogging history and propel me to international acclaim and millions of dollars or a rushed and poorly executed abomination that isn't 1/1000th as funny as I had originally anticipated. Yeah it's gonna be the latter....

UPDATE: Jeremy Bonderman is on the last man ballot over on so go over there and vote the hell out of that poll.

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