Monday, July 23, 2007


I don't do this nearly enough because, well, I guess I've never really done it before but the Tigers have some of the most dedicated and entertaining bloggers of any team in the majors, especially that strikingly handsome Andrew at the Mickey Tettleton Memorial Overpass with his arresting hazel eyes, commanding voice and humorous, insightful and punctual posting.

Anyways, everyone knows of the stellar work done on a daily basis at Detroit Tigers Weblog, Mack Ave. Tigers and Bless You Boys as well as the excellent posts at The Wayne Fontes Experience.

However, this post is meant to introduce you to a new blogger on the scene who has received Andrew Stout's personal seal of approval (by the way I'm working on this seal and the rough draft is me wearing a bandolier while smoking a pipe and riding a shark, it would've been done by now but the seven year old whose doing it can't draw for shit.) Enough of that though the name of the site is Go Get'em Tigers. He's new to the game but so far his work has been Grade A Premium Dolphin Meat (o.k. I'll stop with all the classifications and's getting late.) So I suggest you check out our new blogging friend and enjoy. I mean unless your some kind of selfish jerk. Now if you'll excuse me these models at my apartment keep asking me to take my shirt off and I would like to oblige them... Check it Out

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tinoraguy said...

Thank you very much sir. And let's hope our Tigers can score some runs this week.