Thursday, September 01, 2005

Welcome to Detroit

Well, Im back from my vacation, actually ive been back for over a month, but havent posted since. This long absence has made my loyal readership base dwindle to zero, which is about two fewer than my peak. So why, one might ask, will you continue to devote hours and hours of your life trying to write to an audience that is non-existent? And the answer to that is I dont know, I guess I just kind of enjoy writing and hope that one day someone else might enjoy it, or at least provide enough of a diversion to those trapped in a cubicle or working an (shudder).....internship. However once again I plan to expand the scope of my writing. Before I wrote that I never wanted to write about personal things because people who dont know me wouldnt care about what I do and would care more about my opinions on sports, almost exclusively Detroit area sports. Well I was wrong, people who have read this dont care about that either. So now Im going to attempt to include more personal day to day things in this blog. Another reason for this is for my own personal use as well. I am going through a big change in my life and it would be nice to have a record of my experiences available for me to look back on. Things Ive done, or havent done, people Ive met and so on. Ive just moved to downtown Detroit and this week began law school as a first year student at Wayne State University. However this space will still be predominately about sports, because it plays such a large role in my life. So if youve made it through this lengthy introduction, congratulations, and please continue reading..........please......i beg you......oh c'mon, it will only take five minutes........Thank You.

My first order of business after moving to Detroit was to find a place to rent movies. So I went to Blockbuster and opened an account and checked out Sin City, which I thouroughly enjoyed. What I didnt enjoy so much was the fact that when I went to pay for the movie I found out that Blockbuster now charges four hundred and twenty nine dollars to rent a movie, but hell, you dont have to pay late fees anymore because you pay them in advance. So that option immediately went out the window, and led me to subscribe to Netflix, which has been great so far, and yes Netflix is paying me a nickel for recommending them on this site, so for any company reading this, I am a corporate whore, willing to shill for shiny nickels, or anything of equal value, but I digress. Anyways the first movie I got through Netflix (another nickel) was Requiem for a Dream, which hands down was the most gawd awful horribly depressing movie Ive ever seen. It was recommended to me by several people but most notably my sister who said, "They should just replace all of the stuff they show in D.A.R.E. with this movie if they really want people to stay off drugs." So it goes without saying that I too highly recommend this, and I look forward to becoming a lawyer so I can finally attend one of the parties at the end of the movie. Scratch that I'll just drop out of law school and sell drugs to desperate girls in exchange for...........nevermind......stupid ethics committees.

By the way doesnt Ludacris' single from this summer, No. 1 Spot, feel a little dated, especially the video. When I first saw it I thought there was going to be another Austin Powers movie in the works and thank god their isnt. So I'm assuming that Vern Troyer had some photos of Luda, you know like leading a Girls Scout troupe or volunterring at an old folks home, something that would completely ruin his street cred, or even more likely Ludacris just isnt trying anymore because he realized he could crank out any number of crappy singles and suburban white kids, thats right Alex and TJ, would buy it by the millions. A couple of other rap related notes. David Banner is the greatest producer today and Rubber Band Man by T.I. (although the Spinners song by the same name is a million times better) has the greatest background music ever as evidenced by being my cell phones ringtone for over a year.

One last Detroit story before quitting tonight. Since Ive moved into my apartment I had a helluva time with Comcast in getting a cable modem that actually worked. First they came out and gave me a faulty one, then told me nothing was wrong with my modem and my actual computer was broke, which didnt seem right seeing as how its brand new. Well turns out it wasnt my computer and was the modem which I had to exchange at one of their service centers. So anyways they tell me where the closest one is to my apartment and I go in search of it. So I get off the exit Im told too and enter the heart of the Detroit ghetto, where I naturally fit in with my J. Crew shirt and khakis, (Ive got to dress the part of a law student, remember). Also its convenient that there is a stoplight every twenty feet on this road, or between every driveway, which gives all the badass looking guys a chance to look me over real good and decide if they want to jack me or not, and who the hell would stop them. Luckily my Buick with squeaky breaks doesnt have any value, even with the spoiler (sarcasm). So I turn left on the street where the Comcast building is supposed to be and into a traffic jam, which is the result of a guy driving two miles per hour because he has four yes FOUR flat tires. I still cant think of a joke or a proper way to express/convey how funny/ridiculous/insane this was. Anyways the street Im driving down is nothing but junkyards, with packs of roving animals. I think they were dogs, but they have so many breeds in them they looked like the characters from Altered Beast. Comcast always puts their buildings in the most inconvenient places to deter people from doing anything about the crappy service they provide, but on the left hand side of the road I noticed a swirling wormhole which was gradually closing as it got closer to five oclock and assumed this was the place. I was right and now am able to connect to the internet so I can bore everyone and clog up the web with these posts.

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