Friday, February 03, 2006

Martz Update

Well, apparently Mike Martz is not coming to Detroit to take the job of offensive co-ordinator. The initial reports were that Martz and the Lions couldn't agree on money issues but locally everybody is reporting that the real reason was a philosophical difference between Martz and Millen. Apparently Millen wasn't willing to buy into Martz's concept of being successful, and felt more comfortable handing the reins over to another coach with no proven track record. The local media has been saying the leading candidate for the job is now Hue Jackson who was last seen being put into a headlock by Chad Johnson during the Bengals playoff loss. At least Jackson, if he takes the job, won't have to worry about any confrontations with his receivers because Charles Rogers will be too high to care, Roy Williams will pull his quad going after him and miss six weeks, and by the time Mike Williams got off the line of scrimmage, halftime would be over. Oh well, I'm sure this is going to turn into another front office fiasco just like.........well everything else over the last five years.

Enough about the Lions though, I'm done wasting my time writing about them, well at least until Monday. Yesterday I didn't get the chance to go downtown or do anything remotely related to the Super Bowl because my law school professor's were kind enough to assign a long research paper due Monday, which has been occupying my time this week and given me an excuse to grow the most frightening red beard this side of Roy Halladay. This however will not deter me from participating in the activities over the weekend and if it leads to me turning in a paper that says things like, "I think Joey Porter just violated Matt Hasselbeck's Fourth Amendment rights with that blitz," then so be it. Also when I say participating in the Super Bowl activities I mean that as narrowly as possible. I'm not going to any parties, so all of you people who come here for the latest gossip/celebrity news will be sorely disappointed. I'm just going to be walking around downtown, and hanging out in places open to the public, with a couple of my friends as well as my sister and her boyfriend, hoping that I run into Jay Mariotti so I can punch him in the back of the head, which only seems like the fair thing to do.

With all of the hype surrounding the game and festivities in Detroit I've kind of forgot that they are actually playing a game this week and I haven't really thought about who will win or analyzed it yet. So my goal is to, sometime before kickoff, break down the game and give a a prediction. I also realized I never finished grading the Pistons starters. I sat down a couple of times to write about it but couldn't think of anything interesting to say, so they all get A's, I mean they are 38-6 I can't really nitpick and complain about them.

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