Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Return to Normalcy

The person in the photo to the left is none other than Warren Gamaliel Harding, the forgettable 29th President of the U.S. who used the slogan A Return to Normalcy in his campaign following the conclusion of World War I. Having just experienced the most dull week in sports in months I could relate to what the nation was going through in those strange and wary postwar times and I couldnt think of a more appropriate title for this post. Also I couldnt resist having a reason to throw up a photo of one of the most promiscuous presidents in history on this site. You can't see it but he's pantsless in this photo.

I know there have been plenty of sporting events in the last week or so. The Olympics, NBA All-Star weekend (Iguodala was robbed, the competition shouldve ended after the behind the backboard dunk), Michigan v. MSU in basketball, Kenny Rogers possibly starting on opening day.....yawn....but those events seemed so singular and isolated that I couldn't garner enough optimism or energy to write or even really care about them. However tonight there are the Olympics along with a slate of NBA games and some College basketball action, enough to where I have to take a break from typing to flip between sporting events I actually care about on three seperate channels. There is just a certain amount of comfort in knowing I can watch Courtney Sims turn the ball over on four straight possessions, listen to Steve Lavin talk nonsense as he sends out resumes to D-III schools (although he is noticeably subdued tonight, he must have lost out on the Hope College opening to Larry Eustachy), watch Daniel Horton single handedly keep Michigan afloat, and wait for Lester Abrams to get hurt by a falling anvil AND then turn the channel and watch the Pistons toy with the Hawks for about three quarters before completely crushing them in the final minutes AND also have the option of flipping back to keep checking on the Olympics waiting for Sasha Cohen's short program err.... I mean bobsledding (Just for the record that may be the longest sentence ever written in history, I'm a little rusty although somewhere I'm sure John Marshall is nodding approvingly). Anyways I'm glad sports is back in full swing because I was about 48 hours away from growing a red Ricky Williams homeless man beard and wandering the globe attending cricket matches in India..... or studying.

Finally, they keep showing this fat kid in the stands from Illinois wearing a chef's outfit and high fiving awkwardly after each Illinois fast break. I know nothing about this kid but Ive met his type a thousand times at State. I bet his name is Jordan, he plays tuba in the marching band and he's totally insufferable. If I were Amaker I would give Amadou Ba the role of going up into the crowd and administering beatdowns on fans like this because they deserve it. I actually enjoyed watching the kid in the pleather Beast coat get knocked out before the game on Saturday and I went to State. But then again that might be why I enjoyed it so much.

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Jon said...

You should be an assistant at U-M. That idea for Ba is perfect. Amaker needs these kind of suggestions.