Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Well, after watching Bonderman pitch on Monday, I would have to say that it's fairly certain that he will have a stranglehold on the A.L. Cy Young award for the next decade or so. Bonderman has sparked an interesting debate amongst my friends, with estimates on his win total for this season ranging from a very skeptical, and typical cynical view from a young Tiger fan accustomed to heartache and losing, low of 11 to a very ambitious, and obviously drug induced, estimate of 20 victories. I have to say that I'll take the safe route and middle road amongst these predictions, and guess that Bonderman will have 15 or 16 wins, 8-10 losses, an ERA in the high 3's, and among the A.L. leaders in K's. Which is great when you consider the fact that he is only 22, and could have been devastated by his disastrous rookie season in which he was 6-19, with a 5.56 ERA. I am not looking forward to what the Tigers are going to have to pay to re-sign him when he hits free agency in a few years, and barring an injury (20 Second Timeout: Quickly pray that Bonderman's arm doesn't explode in the next couple of years. I mean his mechanics are good, at least I think they are, how the hell would I know, Ive never pitched, and Bob Cluck doesnt seem like an asshole that would lie about something like that........but with young pitcher you never know, I mean I dont think the human body is designed to throw 120 baseballs 90 MPH)......Bonderman really should be coming into his own. This probably means a pretty steep price tag right at a time when Mags, and Pudge will be making the most cash in their deals. Oh well, thats still a long ways off, and I am just going to try and enjoy Bonderman while I can. I also think Billy Beane, not Bill Bean who played for the Tigers in the late 80's, (nevermind they both did), may have made a mistake in trading Bonderman. Wait no he couldn't have because he is a genius, remember. I mean he did get 1 and a half seasons out of Ted Lilly in the trade, a player who he later parlayed into perennial all-star Bobby Kielty. In return the Tigers got there future No.1 a solid young first baseman, and German. I dont think Dave Dombrowski gets enough credit as a GM, I mean he was building teams to be successful while Beane was playing some forgettable baseball with the Twins. Also who would have guessed that Bonderman was already married, I mean sure he is a major league player, who stands to make a lot of money, but he looks like a toad. Hmm.......I wonder if his wife is as hot as Mrs. Shane Halter, someone investigate this for me.......wait no one is here, moving on.

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