Wednesday, April 06, 2005


This is an area that was a real killer for the Tigers last season as they were tied for the league lead in blown saves. Luckily most of the culprits from last seasons disastrous late innings are gone. Thats right Im looking at you Al Levine, who caused quite an uproar when he decided not to pitch on Yom Kippur last season, making Tigers fans regret that the Jewish holiday only came once a year. Anyways here is a rundown on the bullpen.

Kyle Farnsworth. Resident badass, who has a chance to achieve the status of being my all time favorite Tiger pitcher, alongside Matt Anderson, an echelon that Steve Sparks could only dream of. Although I love Sparks, I'll save that for later time. Farnsworth throws gas, but has a tendency to get cute with off speed stuff, which usually ends up on the other side of the fence, much like Anderson's knuckle curve. Farnsworth also iced Paul Wilson in a brawl, that rivaled Nolan Ryan's beatdown on Ventura. He also sprained a knee kicking a dugout air conditioner, and is believed to struggle in day games due to hangovers. Did I mention he throws 100MPH, I mean how cool is this guy.

Franklyn German. Scares the hell out of me, 6-7, 270 lbs, Jesus Christ, I like to got on players at games, or at least I think I get on them, but I won't mess with German. Control has always been his problem at the major league level, but he had a great spring and hopefully is ready to produce consistently. He'll never be the closer he was touted to be when we got him in the Weaver trade, but hopefully he'll be an adequate arm.

Matt Ginter. I know nothing about this guy. I know we got him in a trade with the Mets for that dirtbag Colyer, and he had a scoreless spring in 14 innings. Vance Wilson raves about him........for whatever thats worth.

Troy Percival. It seems like a lot of people in the national media ripped this acquisition, and think we overpaid for him. He definitely is on the backside of his career, and his K's are down quite a bit and continue to trend downward. However he is an effective closer still, rarely blows saves, and had an ERA of 2.90 last year, which is pretty good. He also used to kill the Tigers, it seems like every time he pitched against us for about a decade we couldnt hit this guy. So I'm glad he is on our side now, and our bullpen was horrific last season, so if we can move someone as effective as Ugueth to a setup role, I think it says a lot about our bullpen depth.

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