Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pitching rotation

OK the Bonderman post went on for about two paragraphs to long, so I'm gonna run through the rest of the starting rotation.

No. 2 Mike Maroth. I actually had the pleasure of being in attendance at the game Mike Maroth made his debut, against the Phillies in 2002. I received the ticket as a payback from a friend who had owed me money for a ticket I had bought him for a previous game. Of course later I found out he received the tickets for free, which sparked a debate about whether or not that should constitute payback, an issue that remains unresolved to this day. Well Maroth pitched great that day, and I had the feeling that one day I was going to be telling my grandkids about this game while looking at Maroth's shrine in Cooperstown, when reality set in.......I'll probably never have grandkids, because that would require me having sex without paying for it AND consensually, a rather unlikely scenario.....also Maroth wouldnt be that good on a consistent basis. I really fell off the wagon with him later that year when a little lefty named Andy Van Hekken stole my heart, luckily he gave it back when I saw him working behind the counter at a Marathon station. Maroth is a solid lefty, who does have the occasional gem, i.e. Yankees game last July, and he probably gets the most out of what he has. He's also half responsible for the horrible Mike Marothra joke, Impemba laid on us last spring training while facing Matsui. My prediction 13-12, 4.50 ERA, 1 uncanny resemblance to my college roommate.

No. 3 Nate Robertson. Another lefthander, although completely different from Matroth, in the fact that he can throw over 60 MPH. He is a good power lefty, I dont know what pitches he throws but he throws them hard. It will be interesting to see how well he does in his second season, because he sort of tailed off in the second half of last year. Hopefully from fatigue, and not because hitters were getting used to his stuff. Acquired in another good trade by Dombrowski in which we gave up Redman, for Robertson and Knotts (ugh). I also accidentally created him in my All-Star baseball game even though he already existed, leading to the sci-fiesque scenario in which he outdueled himself in the playoffs against the Marlins. A game of high drama as they literally matched each other pitch for pitch.
My prediction. 13-10, 4.70 ERA, 160 K's.

No. 4. Jason Johnson. Dirtbag. No this guy is adequate, was magical on Opening Day of last season, pitching a shut out against the Blue Jays, outdueling Roy Halladay, with a knee buckling curve, and a fastball that was darting so much it was unfair for the Kevin Cash's of the world. I thought he was a steal at the time, but after going 0-after July, I thought he was stealing our money. He always seems to start off strong, and his bad spring, is cause for some concern, because this is usually the time of year when he is at his sharpest. He is an intimidating presence on the mound only due to the fact that he looks like a scarecrow, and even though he is listed at 6-6 he is probably closer to thirty feet tall.
My Prediction: 9-14, 5.30 ERA, possible trade bait, possibly lose spot in rotation, if he starts out slow. Of course I have no facts to back me up on this.

No. 5 Wilfredo Ledezma If I were him I would go by Fredo, instead of Wil, although the 1 L is a nice touch. I expect big things from Ledezma, maybe not this year but in the future. I think he will be solid, and a pleasant surprise for this team. Dombrowski has been making a killing in the Rule V draft (Shelton, Roney, Spurling, Ledezma) over the last couple of years, and Ledezma is at the front of the pack. He has a killer fastball, and excellent curve, but after that it gets kind of dicey. I have a friend who is really high on Ledezma and has been raving about him for a couple of years, Ledezma just seems to have it. I also like the fact that he is listed at 6'3 150, because us tall skinny guys need to stick together, support one another, Its getting late so these jokes are getting pretty lame, or rather more lame, if you have read this far I applaud your patience.
My Prediction: 11-7, 4.20 ERA

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