Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tigers Blog

This is my second attempt at keeping a blog, a word that I hate to use, and seem to hear exponentially more with each passing day. For some reason it just sounds vulgar to me, like I'm describing some kind of bodily function or lewd act. Anyways I will not bore the many people who are not reading this with any details about myself other than the fact that I am a 22 year old, lifelong Tigers fan. I am a big Detroit sports fan in general, but I care more about the Tigers and their successes, or mostly failures, than any other team. I have been meaning to start a "blog", (ugh that word again. Im going to have t think of another name to call this page) that chronicles this season as not just a Tigers fan, but a baseball fan in general. I am involved in a couple of fantasy leagues, which should be able to keep me on top of most of the action throughout the majors. Wait who are we kidding, fantasy sports will keep me on top of all the action in the majors, as I will surely peruse over box scores, and game recaps on a daily basis. If Gregg Zaun, comes within a double of the cycle, it will be reported, despite the lack of interest such a non-story will certainly fail to generate, even from Mr. Zaun himself, as I am sure he would likely be celebrating such an accomplishment by getting some high school girls he met after the game drunk off wine coolers, in hopes of getting a lay, but I digress. Anyways I was initially feeling ambitious enough to give a "scouting report" on all 30 MLB team along with some predictions for the upcoming season, however since the season is already underway, and I realized the effort that would be required to complete such a task I'll only give a detailed report on the Tigers, of course after I say the few original thoughts I have about the team, most of the rest will be borrowed from various other such reports, alas...........

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