Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another update

I managed to follow up my semi-successful first day of picking, with an abysmal 7-9 record on Friday, so I didnt bother making choices for the second round, mostly because I was rocking back and forth in the shower with a my crumpled up bracket in my hand bleeding the ink from my mistakes down the drain. (Thank You Kansas and Michigan State, nothing like seeing Paul Davis get owned by a bunch of 6'6 guys, to bad he's graduating I'll miss him.......) I know that last sentence made me sound like a whiny bitchass goth kid.....but thats only half right. Anyways, after 96 consecutive hours of watching tournament basketball I didn't have the energy to write anything sports related for at least a couple days, as just the mere thought of sports made me physically ill, along with the tapeworms coarsing through my duodenum.

But now my batteries are recharged and Im ready to go again. The big local sports story was
that Joey Harrington was "vacationing" in Southeast Asia after it was highly recommended by his good friend Gary Glitter (Hey I've watched Dateline, I know what goes on in Bangkok), and he was expected to be released upon his return. The writing was on the wall when the Lions signed Josh McCown, which I was hoping they would do because Ive always been intrigued by him and I think/ hope that he'll flourish in Detroit. I'm going to hold off writing about Harrington until he's actually released because as Ive said before I think Harrington is really Jason Voorhees and I won't believe he's actually gone until he's beheaded. I'm just waiting for the season opener next year where the stadium will be full and then you'll hear, Ha-Ha-Hee-Hee-Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha, and he'll slowly be walking onto the field as everyone screams in terror, before Tommy Jarvis storms the field and takes care of business with a machete. In the meantime The Wayne Fontes Experience (which almost has as many letters in its name as this site, let's face it I am the John Vanbiesbrouck of Detroit area sports blogs) has been doing an excellent job of covering the demise of Joey Harrington.

The bigger story is that the Tigers are less then two weeks away from Opening day, and I am officially getting giddy. Just like Nascar (note I hate Nascar....loathe it, and never watch it) the Tigers biggest game of the Tigers season is the first one, and after that its all downhill until I stop paying attention in about mid September, and devote all of my false hope and energy into believeing this is the Lions year. Nevertheless I'm going to give my second annual Tigers season preview sometime between now and Opening Day.

Finally, because as I mentioned before I've become addicted to Atari, and feel the urge for some Space Invaders right now, I'd recommend checking out the blog TURN UP THE SUN, it's by a fellow Detroiter who has been writing for a while but is new to Blogger. It's mostly about music, sports and other happenings and its good stuff.

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