Monday, March 06, 2006


With my latest paper finished, I no longer have any big obligations for the remainder of the semester other then reading for class, which means that I'll be more prolific in my postings, or I'll just turn into Bill Simmons and post half assed entries about what me and my girlfriend watched on TV last night (Note: in my case girlfriend is a box of Cheez It's that Ive been eating out of for the past 6 weeks, which is about the longest relationship I've ever had with anything.)..........which actually doesnt sound like a bad idea.

Just because I've been busy writing a paper doesnt mean I've been living in a cave, as I still managed to find time to watch the Oscars last night even though I had seen none of the movies that were nominated for Best Picture, because I go to see movies like Land of the Dead in theaters (surprisingly no nominations), although Crash has been in my Netflix queue since August for whatever thats worth. However I still find the Oscars interesting, and last night was no exception. 3 memorable moments.

Keira Knightley cemented her status atop Andy's list of most beautiful women. No.2 right now is Kate Beckinsale and it isnt even close.

2. Tab trying to reinvent itself as a hip drink for young women. What? TAB? The only people I know who drink TAB are old chain smoking women. My friends mom is the only die hard TAB drinker I've ever met, they have a refrigerator in their garage that is constantly packed with TAB. I don't even know where she bought it from, my friends and I used to always joke that she bought a warehouse of it back in the 80's and had cornered the TAB market, because nothing goes better with cigarettes and Wheel of Fortune then TAB. Oh and I'm always a little skeptical of any soda that warns that its cancerous on the can, because apparently making TAB is easier then bottling cigarettes.

3. My personal highlight of the night was Three 6 Mafia winning an Oscar for Best Song. Their winning led to so many questions that needed to be answered. BET shouldve sent a camera crew along to chronicle their night at the Oscars. Were they the lonliest guys back stage, or were they walking around blowing ganj smoke in stuffy old white guys faces? Did they come to the awards show dressed in Burgundy sweatsuits and Phillies hats or had they not had a chance to change since their performance? Was anything funnier then them givi
ng a shoutout to Jamie Foxx about liking his T.V. show, because who doesn't love the Jamie Foxx show? How many rich, white girls did they collectively plow through at after parties? 5? 10? 50? These are the things that are important, I don't care about Best Sound Mixing, or animated short, I need to know these things. Also in an interesting side note Crunchy Black is not the first award winner named Crunchy, as Rex "Crunchy" Harrison won an Oscar for his hard hitting Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady.

Finally......what is this site about again......hmmm.....Sports? Is that it? Anyways Michigan is trying its best to play its way out of the NCAA tournament, losing at home to Indiana on Saturday because Dion Harris couldt hit water if he fell out of a boat for about the tenth game in a row. Anyways from watching that ESPN troll
Joe Lunardi discuss Bracketology, I get the feeling that everyone is going to talk themselves into letting an insane amount of mid majors in this season, with five coming from the MVC alone. I don't like this because the reality is these teams that are in small conferences just arent as good as......say the 6th best team in the Big Ten, and I'm not just saying that as a Michigan fan (O.K. I probably am). Sure every now and then one of those teams puts together a decent run and makes it to the Elite Eight, like St. Joes a few years ago, but just as likely, if not more is the chance that a team with more losses in a tougher conference and a lower seed ends up in the Final Four. I can't wait until GW which will probably be a 2 or 3 seed get bounced by a team like Wisconsin, and I like underdogs, but I don't like Lunardi busting onto the scene with all this noise about Bradley, and George Mason.

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