Thursday, March 16, 2006

Day 1 Picks cont.

Now for the late games......

(8) GW v. (9) UNC Wilmington: I like GW in this game. I think this is the most excited Ive been about a GW team since Yinka Dare was in the post and Mike Jarvis was patrolling the sidelines. I also think that GW will be a little bit rowdy about their low seed, considering they were 26-2 and undefeated in their conference play. I also think that GW will be pumped about the return of Pops Mensah Bonsu and will beat the Seahawks on what is will essentially be a home court game for UNC-Wilmington.

Once again I've procrastinated on updating this site so I'm just going to pick the winners of each game

(4) LSU over (13) Iona: Big Baby (not Shaun Rogers) goes crazy on the Gales as Louisiana exacts a little revenge on strong winds.....what's that, Iona is nicknamed the Gaels....what the hell is that? A Gaelic speaking person, you say....hmmm LSU still wins.

(3) Gonzaga over (14) Xavier: Ive always like the name Xavier, it was my French name for one semester in high school, before I became Jean-Jacques, and eventually shortened it to Jacques, but I'm going with Morrison who reminds me of a scuzzier Jack White......if thats possible.

(4) Illinois over (13) Air Force: Personally I dont think air Force is a joke, I kind of like Jeff Bzelick and think he kind of got screwed in Denver, but Illinois is to deep and tourney tested to lose this game.

(11) SDSU over (6) Indiana: Im going with the upset here and taking Steve Fisher (oh how I miss Steve Fisher......) and Olivier St. Jean over Indiana. I watched PTI the other day and I did not find Mike Davis to be a very sympathetic character. In fact I found him to be the total opposite, I thought he was rather whiny and arrogant, so I'm hoping he goes down in flames in the first round Bobby Knight style.

(1) Duke over (16) Southern: Duh....

(5) Syracuse over (12) Texas A&M: I think Syracuse didnt play out of their minds to win the Big East just to lose in the first round, so I think theyll win at least one game before bowing out .

(5) Washington over (1) Utah State: Nevada let me down today as Fazekas-mania will not be overtaking the country, so I'm hoping the whole conference goes down.


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