Thursday, March 16, 2006

NCAA Tourney Picks Day 1

This is a quick rundown of my tourney picks, hours before tipoff, however it pales in comparison to the mammoth and kick ass tourney guide Deadspin has put out over the last two days.

Game 1: (7) Witchita State v. (10) Seton Hall: I like Withchita State in this game, mainly because there nickname is the Shockers. Is it something that you learn about before gym class in 8th grade? Yes. Is it still funny now that I'm in law school? Absolutely. Also I don't like Seton Hall this year for two main reasons 1: They didnt accept me to their law school (I wouldnt have went anyways.......) 2: They were a bubble team that might have taken a bid away from Michigan, who would have totally lit up Witchita State (probably not).

Game 2: (6) Oklahoma v. (11) UW Milwaukee: I smell an upset in this one. Every year it seems like the Wisconsin schools are tough outs for whatever reason, whether its the Badgers, Marquette, UW Milwaukee (watch out for UW Stout next year......) and I don't think this season will be any different. Sure Bruce Pearl and his muckraking self is sweating it up in the mountains but I still think this team will be dangerous. Also Ive never been a big fan of the Big 12 in college hoops and wouldnt be surprised if Oklahoma got bounced early.

Game 3: (4) BC v. (13) Pacific: I dont know much about Pacific (Do they still have the Kandi man?) but I have been to Stockton California and it's boring as hell, at least when your ten it is. Also I think BC went far into the tourney last year (this is the kind of in depth analysis you guys expect on this site I know), so the pick is BC.

Game 4: (3) Florida v. (14) S. Alabama: Billy Donovon teams are famous for having a tough time in the first round, but I don't even know the South Alabama nickname let alone one of their players so I'm going familiarity here and I'm a closet Yannick Noah fan. So I'm going with the Gators.

Game 5: (7) Marquette v. (10) Alabama: As I said earlier the people from Wisconsin do two things 1: Make cheese 2: Ball. Although Im a little distressed that there are not at least three Diener brothers on Marquette this season. Regardless I'm going with the Warriors....errr it Golden Eagles...fuck it ......moving on.

Game 6: (2) Tennessee v. (15) Winthrop: This seems to be a trendy upset pick but personally I don't see it happening. I think it will be close at half time and then Tennessee will begin to pull away as Bruce Pearl gives Gregg Marshall tips on how to get the hell out of Winthrop.

Game 7: (5) Nevada v (12) Montana: Trust me, by this time Monday morning Fazekas-mania will be spreading the country. Ive always liked Nevada after watching them bounce MSU from the tourney a couple a years ago while living in Hooverville-esque conditions in East Lansing (that's not a great Depression photo, its the Cedar Village apartment complex). I am torn though because I also love Larry Kryztrzotrwiak (thats not even close, but you know what its late). I always liked those Buck teams of the early 90's with the plethora of unathletic white guys, namely NBA Jam stud, Brad Lohaus, but I' still picking Nevada.

Game 8: (2) UCLA v. (15) Belmont: A friend of mine has picked Belmont to upset UCLA. The same friend was also high when he filled out his bracket. I'm going with the Bruins.

I'll be back with a preview of the 7:10 games later this afternoon. Here's hoping for another exciting NCAA tourney.

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