Friday, October 27, 2006

Game 4 Re-Cap

I've always prided myself on never becoming so emotionally invested in a team to the point that their performance on the field would directly effect my mood/personality/well being. I've watched the Pistons lose a NBA Finals Game 7, seen numerous Michigan losses to Notre Dame, Ohio State, Iowa, etc., watched the Lions.....well the Lions have never played a game I expected them to win so forget that example, and I've never let it effect me to the point of ruining my day. Sure I'll be disappointed with the result, I might throw my hands up in the air and curse, but usually within 30 minutes or so I've calmed down, realized there was nothing I could do that would change the outcome, and moved along. This Tigers team and the World Series has been different though. Here it is 2 hours after an extremely frustrating Game 4 loss and I'm still stewing and I don't see myself calming down any time soon. I've tried to relax but it isnt possible. I tried to play Madden but barely held off the Colts, (o.k. I won 42-10 but that's a close game) and only took a small amount of satisfaction in ending Peyton Mannings season at the hands of a vicious Boss Bailey blitz. But I couldn't enjoy it because I was thinking of Fernando Rodney's ridiculous throwing error that allowed two runs to score. I tried to watch Puppet Master on AMC's Monstervision, (terrible, terrible movie by the way, I can't believe I used to be scared of this as a child), and could only think of how I wish Blade was killing David Eckstein in the elevator instead of that psychic woman. I sat down and listened to Sister Christian on ITunes and could only see Curtis Granderson slipping and getting turned around in centerfield. AHHHHHH!!!!!! I can't escape tonight's game. The Tigers should have tied this Series tonight, but they blew way to many opportunities (8 guys left on base), and their sloppy play was compounded by the fact that they had incredible bad luck, (4 straight games with a fielding error by a pitcher, has that ever happened before? Anywhere at any level? If I were the Cardinals I would bunt back to the mound every at bat and take my chances..........I'm only half joking about that).

I know I shouldn't be complaining because at the beginning of the season no one thought the Tigers would be playing in the World Series, its been a magical season, I should be grateful, blah, blah, blah, and all that noise. I'll concede that for the most part this is true, it's been great following this team, October baseball in Detroit has been amazing, it's great to see the city embrace this team, and Maggs Game 4 ALCS homerun was one of the most exciting moments of my life, but I would be lying if I said I wouldn't be disappointed if they lost this World Series. I want them to finish the deal, I want the Tigers to turn this season from a memorable season into a magical, historical, three years removed from the depths of hell, TV movie, telling my grandchildren sitting on my knee, type of season. That's why I'm holding out hope that the Tigers can come back and take three games in a row to win this Series. Are things bleak? Absolutely. Do I think they can do it? Not really. Only 6 teams have ever come back from being down 3-1 in World Series history and one of them was the 1968 Tigers against who? The Cardinals. Does that have anything to do with these two teams? No. Am I grasping for anything to hang my hat on? Yes. Am I asking myself to many questions? No doubt. But all I/we can do is hold out hope that they win tomorrow night and bring this Series back to Detroit. Go Tigers.

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