Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tigers-Yankees Game 2

Wow, tonight's game had it all. The excitement of watching the ground crew race onto the field and cover it with a giant tarp. The thrilling anticipation of waiting for a rainstorm that never came. Watching Detroit's rookie sensation walk confidentally onto the field to begin stretching. Jim Leyland looking over scouting reports one final time before autographing programs. Yankee superstar Derek Jeter sitting in the clubhouse playing cards. What an amazing night of baseball. I'm glad I cleared out my schedule so i could live blog this game. O.k. this has gone on for too long. Tonight's game was rained out.....kind of. From all reports it wasn't really raining that hard in the Bronx, but they were anticipating rainstorms, which didn't come until 3 hours after when the opening pitch was supposed to be thrown. Does that make sense? Of course it doesn't because we are dealing with MLB, which historically makes some of the most bewildering decisions and compounds their mistakes by a steadfast refusal to change their bad decisions in spite of mounting eveidance to the contrary. For example MLB couldn't even inform both the teams that were in the same stadium that tonights game was postponed, because they couldn't get their cell phones to work, (I can just envision Bud Selig using the world's only rotary cell phone), so the Tigers had to be informed that the game was cancelled from one of the members of the grounds crew. Good thing that the guys who make 10 bucks an hour to manage the field are on top of things or Verlander might be throwing his 175,394th warm-up pitch in front of 45,00 confused fans. The decision was made in part by Commissioner Selig who apparently consulted Ollie Williams BlackieWeather Forecast, (It's gonna rain!!). Of course the game has been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 1 P.M. when I'll be sitting in Sports Law class reading dull cases about an agent's duty to babysit their immature athlete clients. So if your scoring at home, (and if you aren't I'm selling official Andrew Stout scorecards for $5 a piece) I've waited 19 years for the Tigers to make the playoffs and now I'm going to miss most of the first two games, (I missed most of Game 1 because my friends threw me a 23rd birthday party.) On the bright side I won't have to watch Karl Ravech salivate over the Yankees, which has been driving me insane the past couple of days. Seriously anytime they ask a question about whether the Yankees or Tigers have an advantage he should just stand up, point to the raging boner he has and say, "Who you think I got. Come on. Look at that, What do you think Peter?," as Gammon just sits there and dr......... nevermind, it's too soon for those jokes.

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Three Mills said...

At least we didn't have to witness the agony of Alexis Gomez pinch-hitting for Thames in the ninth against Rivera in prime time. It is best viewers don't know have to see our bench players.