Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Quick ALCS Preview

I just got back from class about ten minutes ago and won't have time to go through an in depth preview of the series before it begins, so I'm going to run through some prediction quickly.

I think the Tigers will win in six, losing Game 1 tonight in Oakland and Barry Zito outduels Nate Robertson in a low scoring pitching battle like 4-3 or 3-1 something like that. Verlnader wins Game 2 tomorrow. Tigers take 2 out of 3 in Comerica this weekend before wrapping things up in Oakland with Verlander on the mound again. Yes, that's right, I am picking the Tigers to go to the World Series, and I can't believe it. Not because I think the Tigers are a bad team but because its still so unexpected. The World Series? The World Series !!!! However Oakland is a very, very, good team and matchup well against us, but I think Detroit has a little bit more offense and that should carry the Tigers to the World Series.

ALCS MVP: Carlos Guillen. I think he's going to bat something like .429 with 2 homeruns 6 r.b.i.'s good fielding and smart baserunning, maybe the only stolen base between the two teams in this series, as he gets ready to get a boatload of money from the Tigers in a contract extension.

Also I absolutely plan on live blogging one of these games but I'm not sure which one will fit into my schedule. Check back for updates, this is going to be fun.

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