Sunday, October 29, 2006

Congratulations St. Louis

I know this post is about 48 late but I've been having issues with Blogger and wasn't able to post Friday or Saturday. Still, I don't feel like talking about this yet.


Anonymous said...

So when will you feel like talking about it? And I like the Overpass name but could you esplain it??

beefshower said...

Sorry, it's taken me so long to comment back to you, but I havent checked it in a while or updated my site lately. Anyways my sites name comes from two things.
1: I loved Mickey Tettleton, I was a rabid Tigers fan when I was about 10 (and still am) because I played catcher in Little League and I even copied his stance, where I would hold the bat cocked at about waist level.

2: I come from a small town where there is an expressway overpass dedicated to a guy in town called the Bernie Borden Memorial Overpass. Problem is Bernie Borden isnt dead yet and if you need a memory of him you can go to the pharmacy where he works.

So the two became combined for my blog. Hopefully you're still reading this comment. Anyways thanks for the question and for reading my site. Do you have a blog because if so e-mail me the link. Id like to check it out. Some of the funniest most original content on the web comes from a fans perspective.

Andrew Stout